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The staff we know and love may have gone on to do other things for the Lord. We are doing our best to keep you in touch with where and what they are doing now. If you do not see someone you would like here, write us HERE and we will evaluate putting them on.

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Our teachers of the faith:
Tony and Lisa Cooke
Billy Joe Watts
Tony and Patsy Cameneti
Gary and Connie Crowl
Doug Jones
David and Barbara Beebe
Keith and Phyllis Moore
Jim and Erin Hockaday

These entries are maintained by our staff and may not reflect the MOST current infomation. We do our best to keep this current. If you note a mistake or broken link please inform us and we will be quick to adjust it.

Current or Former RBTC Instuctors:

Tony and Lisa Cooke:
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Tony Cooke Ministries is focused on strengthening churches and leaders across the country and around the world.

We understand the challenges and demands encountered by spiritual leaders. We have a great passion for the success of ministers and the local church. And we are committed to helping pastors, staffs, and congregations achieve new levels of excellence, effectiveness, and productivity.

We are carrying out this work in many ways:

  • By holding Pastors Conferences both stateside and abroad
  • Through local church ministry
  • By producing resources to equip leaders and empower believers
  • By offering seminars for church staffs and ministry of helps
  • By holding Men's Conferences, Ladies Conferences, and Marriage Seminars
  • By conducting children's worship services and training for
    worship teams

Through God's grace, we believe our most vital and significant contributions to the Body of Christ are yet to be made! We are excited about what the future holds, and we thank you for your prayers as we move in this direction.

We invite you to continue to visit our web site, as we will use it to provide instruction, encouragement, and information to our friends.


Billy Joe and Theresa Watts:
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Rev. Billy Joe Watts is formerly an Associate Pastor and instructor of RHEMA Bible Church and RHEMA Bible Training Center, in Broken Arrow Oklahoma.

With over 22 years of ministerial experience, Billy Joe and Theresa Watts have developed a ministry resume that includes: Men’s and Women’s Conferences, Marriage Retreats, Revival Services, Leadership Conferences, Healing Rallies, and many guests appearances.

After serving for almost 15 years with Kenneth Hagin Ministries and RHEMA Bible Church, the Watts’ have launched their own preaching and teaching ministry, as well as, music ministry.


Tony and Patsy Cameneti:
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Rev. Tony and Patsy Cameneti, RHEMA, Bible Training Center graduates, have traveled throughout the world ministering in churches and seminars to help both ministers and lay people.

Rev. Tony and Patsy oversee RHEMA Bible Training Center Singapore as well as being the Asian Directors for RMAI.


Gary and Connie Crowl:
www | email

Over the past 26 years, Gary and Connie Crowl have invested their lives in training and educating men and women to discover their purpose in life.

Their passion for helping people has provided them with the opportunity to serve in a variety of ministry positions, as well as the privilege of living in three different countries of the world.

Today, Gary Crowl International is positioned to bring the message of faith, excellence and hope to one of the largest unreached nations in Asia. GCI’s vision is found in their ministry slogan, “Shaping Leaders—Reaching Nations”. GCI exists to help provide direction, training, vision, and resources for leaders in unreached nations of the world.

Together with your help, we can make a difference in the world!


Doug Jones:
www | email

Doug Jones has taught the Word of God in full-time ministry since 1975. Since entering into the ministry, he has served as an associate pastor and senior pastor. He has also served for nine years as the coordinator of Kenneth Hagin Ministries' Healing School located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is currently an instructor at RHEMA Bible Training Center, teaching courses as 'Spiritual Growth', 'Righteousness', 'Healing' and 'The Life of Honor'. Doug is also an author and travels extensively throughout the United States ministering the Word of God.

As a result of Doug's years of experience his teaching style and delivery brings a refreshing and unique simplicity to the truths within God's Holy Word.


David and Barbara Beebe:
www | email - email2 | Some written helps

David and Barbara have been married 33 years, been in full time ministry for almost 30 years, and have enjoyed the adventure!

After many years of ministry, a new season of life and ministry has started. Along with their great children (David age 20 and Daina age 11), they "continue the journey" from Michigan, their home state and area.

It is their desire to be available to serve the Body of Christ by:

  • Helping encourage pastors and their churches through the teaching of God's Word.
  • Helping pastors and their families — to encourage, strengthen, and help in any way with the unique challenges that face ministers, their marriages and families.
  • Helping to strengthen the Body of Christ on an international level through teaching and training.
  • Helping support missionaries and network them with others who might not be aware of their vision and work on the foreign field.
  • Helping pastors train and encourage their staff and leadership through leadership training sessions.
  • Helping pastors train and encourage their office staff and other ministry staff by holding seminars that focus on skills needed in an office setting.....this is done through BABS (Barbara Ann Beebe Seminars)

Keith and Phyllis Moore:
www | email | Free Downloads (A lot of good things here)

Keith Moore is the founder and president of Moore Life Ministries and Faith Life Church located in Branson, Missouri.

Two of the greatest emphases of Brother Moore's ministry are the importance of the written Word and the necessity of being led by the Spirit.

Having traveled extensively across the U.S. and abroad for over 20 years, Keith and his wife Phyllis minister strongly on such areas as love, faith, healing, prosperity, and honor.

Their heart is to see the lost saved, the sick healed, the distressed relieved, the broken restored, and the discouraged empowered to victory. Brother Moore says, "True Christianity is not the formal, powerless thing that so many have come to know. Real fellowship with the living Christ, the Anointed One, results in the destruction of every bondage, the removal of every burden, and the fulfillment of every good desire. There is no life so exciting as the victorious life that is true Christianity."

You will find the teaching ministry of Brother Keith rich with revelation yet easy to understand and to put into practice. Many have testified to healing, deliverance, and life-changing experiences through this anointed ministry.

To God be all the glory!


Jim and Erin Hockaday:
www | email

Jim Hockaday was born again at four years of age. Experiencing the call of God at this time and the desire to preach, Jim led many to the Lord during his childhood. After graduation from Wheaton College in 1983, he has traveled and ministered with various musical groups including: Spurlows, Truth, and Living Word Singers.

Jim attended RHEMA Bible Training Center and graduated in 1988. Immediately following graduation he joined the RHEMA Singers and Band and traveled extensively with Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin for nearly seven years; during the last several years he had the management responsibility for the Group. Jim was the coordinator of Prayer and Healing School for Kenneth Hagin Ministries, completing his tenth year in May 2004. He founded Jim Hockaday Ministries, Inc. in 1991, and now travels and ministers full time in churches at home and abroad.

Jim is the author of several books, one of which is the best selling book, “Until I Come”… and the most recent release, “Where Does God Fit In?”

Jim, his wife Erin (1991 graduate of RHEMA Bible Training Center and member of The RHEMA Singers and Band for two and a half years), and daughters Alli, Drew and Chloe reside in the Tulsa area.

The Vision of Jim Hockaday Ministries is to teach, preach, and demonstrate the living word so that people can not only believe and receive the Word, but also develop a consciousness of who God is and who they are In Christ; to establish believers in the truth of God's Word so that their lives will manifest the Power of God working in them.


Eugene Gregory - 1965 to 2009:
www | youtube

The worship pastor at Sanctuary died Friday (October 16th, 2009) morning... Gregory was born on Mother's Day 1965 in Longview, Texas, and grew up in Gilmer, a dot of a town outside Dallas/Fort Worth. He learned to play the tuba in school so he could get out of town and travel with the band.

"[Texas] is very slow," said Bailie Gregory, his daughter, 19. "Dad always liked faster-paced things."

So when Gregory got the opportunity to leave his small town and attend Rhema Bible College in Broken Arrow, he took it. Before he graduated from Rhema in the mid-1990s, he was hired by the church to work in its audio and worship department. ...continue...

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